Saw Dust Powder are made by pulverizing wood chips. We Produce Saw Dust Powder at various fineness levels passing through mesh(BSS) 10 to 80 as per our customer requirement.

Our Saw Dust Powder are made from clean virgin wood fibre. It has higher calorific value compared to other bio fuels when burnt because of its low moisture level, higher density value and produce very less ash. Saw Dust Powder can also be used as fillers.

Fineness Material Retention Passing through 10 to 80 mesh
Calorific Value 4000Kcal/Kg
Moisture Level 10 to 12 %
Ash Content Less than 1 %
Density 50 to 450 Kg/m3

Before we use any wood or sawmill residuals, we test them in our QC lab. Any wood that doesn't have the ash, moisture or clean virgin wood fibre levels goes directly back to the supplier. You don't have time for a second-rate product, and neither do we. The Saw Dust Powder are continually tested throughout the production, packaging, and shipping process using our state-of-the-art QA/QC program. We have developed the industry's most advanced quality control system to track and ensure product quality. We take every step of the process seriously.