We've been in the Saw Dust business since 2008. Starting in acquiring one of the oldest Saw Dust Processing plant, we've grown from a single facility to multiple plants. Because of our presence in the industry for a longer time, we have acquired a deeper industry knowledge and we know our customer needs very well.

At Meena, we put quality first. We don’t want to waste your time with an ineffective fire and a giant pile of ash. Wood pellets should put out plenty of heat and make as little ash as possible. To meet our high standards, we focus on creating only the best wood pellets in every step of the process.

All materials we receive go through a rigorous testing in the quality control laboratories. Any wood that doesn't meet our standards for moisture, ash, and clean virgin wood fibre are sent back to the provider. The materials that pass our testing standards proceeds through our carefully tested production, packaging, and shipping stages.


We would like to contribute back to our mother earth by replacing high carbon producing fossil fuels with cleaner and greener sustainable bio fuels for industrial and other commercial boilers.